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Published by Endless Editions

Kyle Canyon presents the dainty diva Cutie Egg, an androgynous anthropomorphic egg teaching you to contemplate life and death in a time of desperate self-actualization. Cutie Egg is a collection of two-panel comic strips, illustrating the nonchalant vanity and cynicism of a feisty little egg, going about daily musings of existential ennui. In reality, this comic is a simultaneously humorous and melancholic manifestation of the creator’s own feelings of guilt and anxiety toward navigating identity politics and participating in social media self-representation. As readers, we can relate to the constant struggle between reliance and resistance toward perfecting ‘a networked self’. In the case of Cutie Egg, this struggle is emulated through its sassy defiance toward outside expectations. We follow as Cutie theatrically challenges the inevitable fate of becoming either breakfast or a chicken that perpetuates the cycle of an egg’s undead dread.

Cutie Egg 7 x 7 in, 62 pages, risograph printed in black, and sunflower yellow, perfect bound, edition of 200, NYC 2023.


Self Published

Lady Museum's hunting the museum grounds for clarity, respect, and a reason to carry on. While working the dreaded night shift as a security guard she has an abstract art filled temper tantrum. A surreal drama told in black and white. 

Lady Museum 7.25 x 6 in, 22 pages, risograph printed in black, edition of 50,  Rhode Island 2023.


Wobby Magazine #29

A two color riso spread for Wobby #29 – Pumping Iron. Muscles, landscapes and geometric shapes: Wobby 29 is all about pumping iron. Muscular elves grace the cover. Inside: the wandering fool, the robotic body, and a touch of feminism. Quite a challenging issue for artists that commonly are “not really familiar with pumping iron and with sports in general”.

With contributions by Corinne Ang (US), Elianne van Elderen (NL), Gabri Molist (ES/BE), Gijsje Heemskerk (NL), Handi Kim (KR/NL), Inger Bierma (NL/DE), Joost Pollmann (NL), Kyle Canyon (US), Laurens van de Linde (NL), Melek Zertal (AL/FR/US), Mia Oberländer (DE), Noa Zuidervaart (NL), Sander Ettema (NL), Tim Goschnick (AU).

Cover by Francesc Estrada (ES)

Centrefold & limited edition print by Antoine Eckart (FR)

Dimensions: 17 x 25 cm, pages 40, risograph printed, edition of 550, Netherlands 2022.


Anthology by Colorama

A 10 page contribution to the annual comic anthology that emerges from the Clubhouse Week - a comic residency hosted by Colorama and Aisha Franz. In the case of this anthology, the residency was hosted online for a month long period due to the pandemic. Concept Johanna Maierski. Design Tetyana Herych. Cover illustration Anna Haifisch. 

With contributions by Elsa Klée, Adriana Marineo, Whitney Bursch, Heather Loase, Ane Barstad Solvang, Vincent Longhi, Momo Gordon, Nygel Panasco, Ibticem Larbi, Karla Paloma, Marlena Synchyshyn, Kyle Canyon, Julia Bates, JG and Maya Strobbe. Concept Johanna Maierski.

CLUBHOUSE#14 17,5 x 25 cm, 188 pages, risoprinted in black, medium blue, pink, metallic gold and yellow, perfect binding with glue and shiny cover. First edition of 750 copies, Berlin 2021.


Anthology by Kuš!

8 page contribution to Kuš!'s š! comic anthology. 

Our initial aim was to provide you with content based on real scientific facts. However, the relationship between science and absolute truth is a very complicated one in the age of fake news everybody should check and question their sources very carefully. We think this issue will give you a lot to think about. You might also learn something, but dont blindly believe everything you read!" -Kuš!

With contributions by Agate Lielpētere (Latvia) Anna Prokofyeva (Russia), Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Christopher Sperandio (USA), Colleen Anderhub (Germany), Cornevu (Brazil), Daphné Geisler (France), Delphine Pauluzzo (France), Ernests Kļaviņš / Andrejs Kļaviņš (Latvia), Gareth Brookes (UK), Jodie Wilders (Belgium), Juan Quintero (Colombia), Julia Trachsel (Switzerland), König Lü. Q. (Switzerland), Kyle Canyon (USA), Maarten Klein (The Netherlands), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Matei Monoranu (Romania), Namsai Khaobor (Thailand), Omar Cheikh (Italy), Sarah Firth (Australia), Sean Christensen (USA), Stacy Gougoulis (Australia), Tomáš Staněk / Zikmund Bartoníček (Czech Republic), Zane Zlemeša (Latvia)

Cover: Agate Lielpētere (Latvia)

A6, 196 pages, full-color, perfect bound, high quality and environmentally friendly Munken paper, Latvia 2021.

Nominated as 'Outstanding Anthology' for the Ignatz Awards at SPX 2022


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