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Print Series

Canyon creates illustrated “re-enactments” of selected life events invoked by old memorabilia,  conversations, and everyday happenings involving the artist's mother. Canyon incorporates abstraction and expressionistic methods to these works to toy with the true authenticity of these personal memories. Creating a work that is both biographical and autobiographical. The series depicts themes of addiction, repitition, labor, identity, and self confidence. 

4 color risograph prints, 11 x 14 in, edition of 20 per print, self published,
NYC 2020 - present.


Gag & Humor Strips

A collection of digital drawings focued on humor, political events, and daily happenings. These simple drawings aim to evoke a sense of whimsy while still being true to the artists interests and visual style. These works are inspired by cartoons found in The New Yorker Magazine, local newspapers, and old books. 


Illustration for Blossom Magazine

Bloom /bluːm/ noun

The flower of a plant.

Flowers collectively: The bloom of the cherry tree. State of having the buds opened: The gardens are all in bloom.

A flourishing, prospering condition.

To bloom, blooming, bloomed. What does “bloom” mean to you? BLOSSOM is the accumulation of work from 30 artists from around the world who were asked what the word “bloom” means for them.

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Print Series

The series Rummaging Through Vowels is a collection of eleven self published riso prints. The range of subject matter chosen within each compositions is determined by words starting with a long or short vowel sound. The project brief created strict parameters to work from forcing new creative avenues for exploration and problem solving. The series’ look is heavily inspired by alphabet flash cards and oracle cards. While the fixation on vowels comes from the artists own childhood challenges with sounding out words, pronunciation, and reading during elementary school.  

4 color risograph prints, 11 x 17 in, edition of 20 per print, self published,
NYC 2018 - 2019.


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