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Kyle Canyon is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on print and machine based fabrication. Canyon invents surreal worlds, and anthropomorphic characters with the aim to narrate the contemplation and enthusiasm within his everyday. By exaggerating his composition, figures, scale and symbolism, he presents an expressionistic result. Many works double as documentation of, both positive and negative, ephemeral feelings from his past and present. 


Canyon’s body of work has been contributed to group shows, pop ups and small press events throughout New York and New England. Working as a freelance illustrator and self publishing artist you can find printmaking, and risograph printing a common process a part of his work. Kyle is most excited to share his recent contribution to Colorama’s Clubhouse Anthology (#14) being released early this year.  


He has cultivated a highly interdisciplinary practice engaging in methods of drawing, silkscreen, sculpture, sewing, carpentry and a wide range of digital printing techniques. Leading to an expansive body of work including art objects, zines, comics, and editioned prints.  

Instagram: @kyle_canyon

Prospect Park_2019.jpg


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