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Illustrator & Comic Artist

Selected Images

Comics / Books

A Donkey's Burden - 2022

Two color risograph spread for Wobby #29 - Pumping Iron. 

Edition of 550 copies, printed in the Netherlands.

Kitsch Fountain - 2021

A ten page risograph comic made for Colorama's Clubhouse Anthology #14. The comic depicts a silent tale of a harpies return home. As they reminisce on their past a choice will have to be made. Will they stay or move on forever? Edition of 750 copies, printed in Berlin.

Cigs > Facts  - 2021

Cigs > Facts is an eight page comic featured in Kuš!'s Anthology Š! #42 - 'Scientific Facts". In this comic a women battles with a fact filled phone in hopes to keep her frowned upon routine. 

Independent Projects

Surreal Moments With Mother, 2020 - Present

Canyon creates illustrated “fantasy re-enactments” of selected life events evoked by old memorabilia, conversations, and everyday happenings involving the artists mother. These works incorporate abstract and expressionistic methods to toy with the true authenticity of these personal memories. Creating a work that is both biographical and autobiographical. The series depicts themes of addiction, labor, identity, and self confidence.

Kyle Canyon_To pick a flower on the other side.jpg
Kyle Canyon-Memorizing mother's smoke break.jpg
No longer a Western (drunken) Hold up.jpg

Ping Pong - 2021

A short comic that symbolizes the long enthusiastic conversations between two artist (Kyle Canyon & Yin Ming Wong). Yin often talks about her works connection to ping pong and it’s importance symbolically. In this comic portrait Canyon depicts a muse with their muse.

With With Two to, 2020 Art Installment

with with (sav).jpg

Sav, 2020 - Risograph Print on Cardstock

with with (bur).jpg

Bur, 2020 - Risograph Print on Cardstock

with with (dog).jpg

Dog with Flower, 2020 - Risograph Print on Cardstock

with with (phone &fruit).jpg

Incoming Call, 2020 - Risograph Print on Cardstock

with with (phone &fruit).jpg

Fruite Bowl, 2020 - Risograph Print on Cardstock

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