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Published by Endless Editions

Kyle Canyon presents the dainty diva Cutie Egg, an androgynous egg contemplating life and death in a time of desperate self-actualization. This is a collection of two-panel comic strips, illustrating the nonchalant vanity and cynicism of a feisty little egg, going about daily musings of existential ennui.

Lets Shop!

Comics, Prints, and More!

Visit the artists shop to purchase Illustrated works of art. The shops prints and comics utilize fluorescent colors and playful halftones from Canyon favored process, risograph printing. This sustainable offset printing machine, around since 1984, merges methods of screen printing with a copy machine.


Upcoming Events



OCT: 20 to DEC: 2


9 - 10

Kyle Canyon will be teaching a variety of art classes at the Jamestown Arts Center for the Fall season. Check out the class listings and schedules by clicking the link below. Classes/workshops include; Intro to Adobe Illustrator, Intro to Adobe Photoshop, and Portfolio Prep!

Join Pioneer Works for our fourth edition of Press Play, a weekend-long fair of books, small presses, records, art, ephemera, and publications of all kinds.This year we invite publishers, artists, musicians, labels, and their communities to participate in talks, performances, and workshops that showcase new ways of reading, listening, and creating culture today. Free and open to the public. (NYC)

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